UI & UX Design

UI & UX design involved creating paper prototypes, wire framers, mockups & ab testing.  

Most of the projects involved doing ux research as well since some companies were small.


Tools used: adobe xd, sketch, figma, balsamiq, photoshop, sketch, keynote, pages​

In the past I have done mockups for websites and apps. As a part of getting a UX Design Certificate form Cornell I designed an App for religious devotees. I had done the ux research, came up with prototypes and a live model for people to test. Targeted end 1st users were religious place attendees and 2nd volunteers and 3rd admins. live interviews were done online and subjects tested product prototypes as well. The whole process was fun and something out of the box. I look fwd using knowledge I got and make a difference and solve problems for small and big companies.

Paper Prototype

Medium fidelity wireframes

Whole process is iterative. 

High fidelity wireframes