Everyone communicates differently and as a designer I enjoy turning ideas into design that communicates the message clearly. A well designed software, app, website and social media campaign can communicate without any barriers. Products that are interactive, easy and communicate well can bring out different emotions and curiosity in stakeholders and end users. As a designer, I have had the privilege of working with people from diverse backgrounds which was, is and will be a wonderful experience.


I enjoy helping others in my capacity and believe in Paying Forward. I want to explore my options to specialize in one area after I get some experience as a UX Designer in general. Recently I finished a UX Certificate from Cornell to expand my skill set and work on getting UX Certification offered by Google. Both courses are quite different and I love learning new things each course offers. 

As my colleagues and family members say, I am resilient, ambitious and have an aspiration for self-improvement. I carry valuable qualities like trustworthiness, compassion and empathy. I want to grow as a designer and be a renaissance person.